Do you really like climbing, climbers, or volunteering on public land projects? Join HCC! We want as many interested people involved as possible, so we’ve made it easy on you to support us in the way that fits you best.

Contributing Membership

You have interest in contributing time and money to make HCC the best it can be and give back to local climbing. You really look forward to the bi-annual meetings (parties) and want to vote on issues or be a leader on a project. Slip us $30 for the year, snag a sticker from us, and the deal is done.

Thanks to the generosity of Helena’s local gym Stonetree Climbing, Contributing Member perks include:

Student Pricing for all memberships (EFT, prepaid, couple, family, etc)

$12 day pass all day Tuesday

10% off all retail (chalk, chalk bags, and more climbing related merch )

Stonetree Membership rates on future classes

See Stonetree’s Website for further details.

Make me an HCC Contributing Member today!


Participatory Membership

You are interested in keeping up-to-date with Helena Climbing but not ready to take the plunge and pay for full membership. Participatory Members will receive our newsletter, emails, and updates to the calendar so you can join us at events.

Board Membership

You’ve paid your dues (literally) and want to spend more time at meetings, deciding the future of Mount Helena or figuring out how we are going to fund the next bolt replacement initiative. You know Roger’s Rules of Order and have all kinds of ideas. Still only $30 a year, but you get so much more once you’ve been nominated.

Don’t want to deal with any of this pfaff but want to support us? Make a one time donation!



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